Conscious Consumerism




Awareness. Consciousness. Perception. Admiration.

Here at Generation Humanity we like to find ways to incorporate giving back in all aspects of daily life. It’s about being aware and learning about companies that do more than meets that eye. Here are more amazing charitable companies to help you become a conscious consumer that Generation Humanity loves, supports, and admires.

Love Grown Foods is a Denver based healthy cereal company that gives back by educating children on the importance of eating healthy well-balanced meals, especially breakfast. Check here to see where you can buy Love Grown Products.

Angeleno Artistry is a Los Angeles based affordable fine art print company. Most prints are $40, original designs by local artists, and 20% of proceeds benefit P.S. Arts, non-profit supporting art teachers in Southern California. So why not add some spice to your walls and feel good about doing it.

Warby Parker is a glasses company that uses the same model as Tom’s. Buy one, Give one. They also give free eye exams across the globe. Next time life is feeling too bright, head to Warby Parker to shade the sun.

Bogo Bowl is a dog food company that also uses the buy one, give one model. They donate a bag of dog food to local shelters and foster care systems each time you buy a bag. Not to mention, they make sure to use the highest quality ingredients that are all natural with no by products and nothing artificial.

The Giving Keys is a jewelry company that makes necklaces and bracelets out of discarded keys. Thus far they have employed 19 people experiencing homelessness, providing opportunities for team members to move into permanent housing. Saving lives and recycling are core principles of this jewelry, what a great gift!

Grounds and Hounds is a coffee bean company that donates 20% of their proceeds to local dog rescues around the country. Not only that, their coffee is green and their beans are 100% fair trade and organic.