Simplicity in Giving Back


Simplicity- the quality or condition of being easy to understand or do.
clarity, clearness, plainness, intelligibility, comprehensibility, understandability

The outcome of a simple idea can end being astronomical. Let’s rewind about a year and a half ago when Liza, Colin, and I (co-founders of Generation Humanity) sat around Liza’s kitchen table brainstorming ideas of how we wanted to make a greater impact on the world. Beginning with ideas of grandeur and making major changes to the world, after a few hours we boiled it down to the fact that the three of us find great joy in giving back, whether it be working in the nonprofit world, spending a Saturday volunteering time helping kids make art, or simply giving that extra dollar at the checkout counter. In understanding this about ourselves we realized, so many of our friends want to find that joy as well but often “can’t find the time or the money.” We wanted to facilitate not only our friends but also our friend’s friends and their friend’s friends and so on with a simple way to experience this joy and contribution. Instead of starting a whole new cause to generate this idea, we decided give our aid to causes that have already been established. So Generation Humanity came to life in order spread the joy of giving back by putting on innovative events to raise money, spread the word about, and get new faces involved in already existing non-profits. Whether you are interested in ocean conservation, youth nutritional education, animal rescue (because the three of us have all different causes close to our hearts) Generation Humanity is a place to learn about and contribute to all kinds of charitable organizations. It started with a the simple intuition of three friends and in little over a year has grown to ten board members, over $45,000 in contributions, and over a thousand people getting involved in new cause. So keep it simple: Live your life, integrate your cause, help us start a generation for humanity!

Check out these for-profit companies we admire that use simple ideas to integrate giving back into their business model.

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